December 16th, 2003

Charlie Brown

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First night of new class this evening. I like this one a lot better already. He cut out two of the group papers and instead, we get to do presentations. Yay! I would much rather put together a powerpoint than worry about transitional sentences. He's also a pretty nice guy too. So, that helps. I think I find out later this week what my grade for the last class was (I'm thinking either B+ or A-).

I may also be changing over to night hours for a while, depending on whether or not my supervisor thinks it can be done. The neighbor can't watch the twins anymore, so I said that I may be able to do it, provided that I can get switched to evenings. I will expect payment however :) (Hey, I'm not changing poopy diapers for free)

I think that's all, I need to go crash into bed now. I actually need to be at work before 11 a.m. tomorrow, so much to do, so much to do.
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Charlie Brown

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