February 18th, 2004

Charlie Brown

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For me, this is ass early. Man. I haven't been up this early in about a week and a half!! Anyways, temp agency interviews today. Hopefully I'll have a job by tomorrow.
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Charlie Brown

Temp. Slut. Temp Slut.

So, I went to the temp agencies today. I think I'm going to cancel my appointment with Randstad tomorrow. Mainly because I'm with two agencies right now and secondly because when I was told she would call me back within an hour, and I screwed around town for an hour waiting for her call, finally had to call her back and then she tells me that she can't see me until Thursday, that's a good reason I don't want to go there. Horrible service, I tell ya.

Anyways, my typing has improved but my numeric and alphanumeric data entry skillz0r have dropped. Not by much, but I got caught up in correcting errors, so it lessened my ability to finish. That and I banged my leg on the desk, the one that I hurt yesterday by shoving my foot into the filter basket of the pool (not on purpose mind you) and injuring my shin. I also have seemed to improve on my Excel scores, don't know how as I hardly ever use that program, but hey, whatever, I'm good at pointing and clicking. :)

I have one more assignment for this week for school then we start next week, fun! The lady at Remedy said that she might have a permanent position for me, it would be 90 days at $10/hr and then she thinks the company ups it to $13/hr when I go on their payroll. Sounds like a winner to me. Not sure what it is though. So, I'm going to think over things and let her know on Friday whether or not I will do this. I'm getting tired of waiting on Kendall, it's been almost a month since I interviewed with him and he still hasn't made a move. Either she can do the job or she can't. Three years should let you know whether or not she's a good candidate for that job. So, who knows?

OK...I need some lunch, I'm starving.
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