March 1st, 2004

Charlie Brown

(no subject)

So, watched the Oscars last night. Almost all of it. We were flipping between that and Curb Your Enthusiasm. Made it more interesting that way. Don't know what was up with the Billy Crystal nakedness, but hey, whatever. Anyways, glad LotR won all of their awards and damn happy that Finding Nemo won. Although, now my interest is piqued as to the French animated movie. Must find that, looks interesting.

Anyways, had a temp job today. Most excellent. Answering phones for a new home builder. Tons of fun for everyone. Wouldn't want to do that for a living though, too boring. Of course, I'm sure I didn't do everything that the normal person there would do, as I am a temp and therefore have an IQ of a paper clip. It was just nice to work for a day. I almost said no, but decided that this way they could see that I am a competent individual and what not. So, fun. Yay. Just waiting for the Leno bike to be done on American Chopper and then I'm going to bed. So sleepy!!

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