March 5th, 2004

Charlie Brown

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I went searching for a camera today. Found a Minolta Himatic 7s for $20. I don't know if it takes good pictures or not, I'll find out tomorrow I guess. It needs a flash and of course, some film. I'm going to see if maybe I can find a manual for it online, just something to help me understand some of the buttons and what not. I think it has a self timer, which is pretty cool. I also got Dumbo on VHS for about $7. That was all at one pawn shop. I went to an actual camera store, but the salesman seemed uninterested in selling me a camera, or even talking to me. Don't understand why, I was willing to throw down some serious cash in there. So, I left, went to this pawn shop and bought the camera there. They had a really serious looking Minolta, but it didn't have a manual and had lots of extra features that I had no clue how to work, nor was I going to try since it wasn't what I really wanted anyways. So, I shall use this camera tomorrow and hope that the pictures come out. Probably take them to a 1-hour place to see if it works really well. If so, then yay for me and then I will look for a flash. If not, it goes back to the pawn shop, and my search for the perfect camera continues. :)

But, I'm back home for the weekend, and I remember again why I left. This house is a certifiable mess. I can't believe that they are living in this filth. I mean, it's not like there is feces everywhere or anything, but there is a spiderweb near the front door, the garbage is near overflowing, books and paper are strewn everywhere. There are two seats cleaned off. One for my mom and one for my dad. The couch is buried under a bunch of crap. And today my mom wants to go buy a food saver, whatever the hell that is. Which, she'll use about ten times and then it will just sit on the counter collecting dust.

Oh, and I'm hungry and kind of can't wait to go back to Ft. Myers :)
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