March 6th, 2004

Charlie Brown

Titty bar extravaganze

Oy freakin' vey. So, last night I was hanging out with my cousin. He's cool, when we were little kids we always hung out with each other. More like I followed him around like a puppy dog. He never killed me. I thank him for that. Anyways, so, we decided to hang out last night. It's rare that we get to see each other, so when we are both in town, we try to hang out at least once. We met up at the festival and hung around with various family members until about 11 or so, and then we decided to go out to a bar. Now, where to go? I really didn't care. Had no desire to go anywhere in particular, especially since I wasn't going to be drinking anything but water anyways. I can't really drink with the insulin meds that I'm on, and I'm cool with that. I've kind of gotten over drinking anyways. So, he decides that he has to see some boobies. I say okay. He wants to go to this one bar, I say no way, that place is skankalicious. So, I decide that we will go this one other place. Well, it's really no better but the girls are a bit classier, not so many boob jobs and they also are actually kind of pretty.
Now, I'm not a lesbian, but there was one girl there that if I was, I would have completely fell in love with her. She just intrigued me. Anyways, he kept going on and on about how "he loved the puss". Okay, now this is just wrong. I don't really need to know that. He also kept wanting to buy me a lap dance. Also, just wrong. Plus, what good is a lap dance going to do me? Anyways, so it was a surreal evening.

Before that, my parents and I went out to dinner. While we were there the couple that was sitting next to us apparently had been involved in some altercation a week or so ago and the manager came over to make sure that they would behave this fine Friday evening. They promised that they would. Another member of their party refused to apologize (he showed up later in the evening after the couple had been seated) and said that he would never spend any money there again. It was quite humorous and it sounded like the whole thing was just because of too much alcohol and miscommunications. But, it provided for an interesting evening of conversation, ok...eavesdropping.

But, today was kind of fun. Brandi and the kids came down and we went to the festival earlier in the afternoon. It was just too hot for the kids to be out there. Sidney wouldn't eat, but of course, Skyler would. He will eat anything. But, we walked around with them for a bit and then we took them on the merry go round. Sidney loved it. Took right to it. Skyler however was carrying on like we were going to leave him there all alone. Poor kid, total mama's boy. So, after that we went back to the table, had some fair food and then decided that we needed to go. Brandi was already bright pink. She burns really easily. The kids were getting a little pink too. Forgot the sunscreen. I'm actually rather pink too. Anyways, so I came back to the house, Brandi dropped me off. Tried to take a nap because I couldn't concentrate on school work and then actually managed to nap for about fifteen minutes. Then I went back and watched some of my other cousins perform. They are now called Signal 7. They just cut a demo tape. The studio they went to, the guy is going to give their demo to a producer he knows. Keep an ear out for them. They are actually pretty good. I was impressed, they've improved quite a bit. Anyways, it was kind of loud, and I was having a headache. Figured out why later this evening. I hadn't had any caffeine all day!! Wow. So, I grabbed a coffee from Dunkin' Donuts on the way home this evening from the festival. Headache is gone now. I had fun this evening though. Hung out with a few of my aunts, played some bingo, my aunt won $125. Lucky. I didn't win anything. I only lost about 9 bucks though. So, I had fun all around. Ate some cookies and cream ice cream. Mmmmmmm. Good stuff.

Anyways, thanks for reading my boring days :)

Have a good one!
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