March 10th, 2004

Charlie Brown

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Finally, a minute to breathe. Just finished a lovely dinner cooked by the awesome Josh. Man. I love when he cooks. It's always so good and peppery. :) After dinner I cleaned up the kitchen a bit and squeezed the last of the bag of oranges. I love having fresh squeezed juice. I know exactly what's in it. Oranges. That's it. Probably better for my blood sugars to actually have a sugar that is natural and not high fructose corn syrup or what have you. I'm off the soda. I had one last week and couldn't even finish the can of it. Made me sick to my stomach. Too sweet. And that was diet soda too. I'm officially on water. I've noticed that my skin is clearing up too.

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So, life here is good. I'm enjoying myself. I enjoyed my weekend back home, but I was itching to get back here. I've settled in nicely. School is going great. Getting good grades, this class is almost over. Only two more weeks, then I think I get a week to breathe and then back to another six weeks. I have to remember to pay my $150 so that I can actually get enrolled in the class. I'll probably do that Saturday. I have to change my credit card info anyways as Wachovia decided that I need a NEW check card. *sigh* I had to change all sorts of accounts. Oh, damn, I forgot to change my Upromise account info too. *sigh*

So, how was that for an update?
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