March 21st, 2004

Charlie Brown

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My god. Do you realize how hard it is to find food that does NOT contain High Fructose Corn Syrup? Jesus Harold Christ. I about shit myself at the grocery store today. It was insane. Want to know the funniest thing that had it? Do you? Huh huh???? A slim fast snack bar. I about died laughing after reading the ingredient list.

So, I spent $80 at the store. Collapse )

I'm trying to be a good girl and eliminate HFCS from my diet. Since it's just not good to have, especially if you are a diabetic. I was getting sad because I thought I couldn't have bread anymore but my uncle told me to get the fresh stuff from the store since there are no preservatives. I about cried with joy. I got some whole wheat pasta too. Don't know why, it just seems healthier, but when you read the box in comparison with regular pasta it's about the same. I do enjoy the taste of it though, goes well with vegetarian meatballs. The bagperson asked me if I was a vegetarian as she's looking at the food I'm buying. I tell her no, then she asks if I know someone who is, and I say, no, I just like to eat some vegetarian foods, but I still eat meat. Now, keep in mind, she asked me this after she bagged the Healthy Choice meals that all contained meat of some kind. Who said people were smart?

Anyways, so, yeah, spent a lot of money. But, I guess it's better than spending no money and getting even bigger, which I'm trying to avoid. Oh! And I bought a new juice pitcher. I've been making our orange juice for us instead of buying it. Once again, it's a bit more expensive to do it that way, but it tastes a hell of a lot better. I just need to find the exact same oranges that I got from my father. He gets them from some old lady who brings her cars in all the time. Yes, carS. They are the juiciest oranges I have ever seen. And they make the best damn oj I've ever had. The ones from the grocery store are okay, but I think I need to scour a few roadside stands or something to find REALLY good ones.

Can't do my schoolwork because the servers are down. Fun, no? I hope we get an extension on our assignment. I think I'll call one of my teammates and see if she can email me the assignment so that I can at least do SOME work on it before the end of the day. *sigh*

Have a happy Sunday!
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