May 13th, 2004

Charlie Brown

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So, my boss sent a contribution to W. In return for his contribution, he gets a "signed" picture of Laura and W that says: "To: Name, Thank you for your early commitment and dedication as a Charter Member of the campaign in Florida. Grassroots leaders like you are the key to building a winning team.

Best Wishes,

*GAG* So, he gets this picture. As a joke, he makes a copy and hangs it on my wall so that I have no choice but to see it. Well, I pretend that I don't. For about 6 hours I keep this up. He's going nuts. Can't figure out why I'm not seeing it. I even skipped lunch to make sure that he didn't move it next to my computer or anything. So, he finally leaves to get lunch and go pick up a check from a contractor. I print out this most awesome picture of John Kerry ( because I've got photo paper samples that came with my printer and time on my hands :)

So, I was going to go buy a frame and stick it on his desk, but instead, Angelica suggests that we put it in the frame with the picture of his son. It's just the perfect size, and matted and everything. So, we take down the frame, and slide the picture in over the one of his son (I even signed it, "Thanks for your undying support. John F. Kerry"). I also put a screensaver and wallpaper up of John Kerry. My boss is technologically retarded.

I then leave and go take the mechanic to the tire repair place so he can drop off a truck and have a ride back. Fun times. I get back, and he's still not back. Finally, he comes back (as I'm on the phone with the lee county dem party) and starts raising a fuss (good natured) and saying, "No, that's not my president. Ow, my eyes hurt!"

Now, the hilarious part. That was just the computer. One of the other partners was in his office while he's raising this fuss. And he points to the picture frame, "Well, that's a nice picture."

My boss hadn't even noticed that. If the other guy hadn't of pointed it out, he probably would have gone like 2 days until he noticed. Ah well. We all had a good laugh. I just hope there aren't any w bombs in my office tomorrow. *shudder*

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