October 3rd, 2004

Charlie Brown

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Visited storm ravaged West Palm Beach and Port St. Lucie and where was MY photo op? Honestly. :)

Anyways, spent about 4 hours putting together a new entertainment center for Brandi and her mom. The thing that they had the tv on was top heavy and we were afraid that the kids would pull it down on them. Sure, they'd learn not to do that, but you'd have to buy a new stereo. I am quite sore from sitting on the floor about 3 of those hours. I am not the floor dweller I once was having traded the floor in for things like couches and armchairs. :)

It seems Brandi's mom is sticking to her guns about the sperm donor not coming back. Thank deity of your choice. I am quite happy with that area of their life now. They spent Friday in the social services office trying to get food stamps, put him on child support (which they know he won't be able to pay) and see if she can get cash assistance for a few months. If you get approved for cash assistance you automatically get free/reduced child care. So, that's awesome! Heather and I told Brandi that if she can't get child care then we would kick in a third every week to help her out so she can get a full time job (preferably with benefits). So, things are starting to look up a bit for the fam.

I got some new pics of the house after Jeanne. *sigh* The backporch is toast. The cage is completely ruined. So, we are going to cut it and take it to the recycling plant, might as well get a few $$ from it. Probably go over weekend after next and help with that. This coming weekend is my trip to Orlando. Going to see and old friend and his wife (she's more of an acquaintance to me. I didn't really get to know her that well when we all worked together). Should be good times.

Ok...need to get some sleepytimes. Gotta rest myself up for the FABULOUS WORK WEEK!
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