October 5th, 2004

Charlie Brown

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See...this is why you shouldn't mess with politcally and computer savvy people. Big Boss decided to be funny, so he thought he would put a Bush/Cheney sticker on my car. Made a few errors though, first of all, he got the wrong car and secondly, he got caught in the act. See, he got Bobbie's car which is parked right underneath her office window. So, she saw him do it. So, he comes upstairs and she goes, "Um, I saw that." "Isn't that Alica's car?" "No, that's my car." "Oh."

So, we've just signed him up for the biweekly bulletins from moveon.org :) I have tried 3 times to remove myself from their list and I still can't do it. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.

Now, I said to Don, "You may want to make your buddy aware that I do NOT want my car messed with. Until you all start making payments, you can't decorate it."
Don: "I'm glad you know it wasn't me. I told him that you were going to blame me."
"I'm not blaming you, especially since he got Bobbie's car. I am just letting you know that you need to make him aware of that whole car issue that I have."
"I told him!"
"Ok. Good to know you remember that." :)

Can't wait until 11/3.
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