October 31st, 2004

Charlie Brown

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First off: HAPPY HOWLOWEEN! :)

Ok, so, right now, I am such a poseur. I'm sitting in a starbucks typing on my laptop listening to my internet radio sipping a crappy hot chocolate (I was thirsty) and I'm FREEZING. I'm right under an air vent and I think they have the thermostat set on like 20 or something because this thing hasn't shut off in the 2 hours that I've been sitting here. Insane, no? I can't feel my nose.

We took the twins to the mall, they were both dressed as Elmo, so cute. They aren't feeling too good right now. After both of the hurricanes, their grandma's room took quite a bit of water damage which is not turning into mold damage. So, they'll get better and then...they get sick again. Stupid mold. The insurance and FEMA haven't sent any word yet (I know they are bogged down with requests and claims, but still, you want your family to be first) so they are stuck. My aunt is sleeping on the couch right now. It's pretty bad.

I need to get out of here, I only have an hour left on my day pass that I got from T-mobile so I could have internet access at anything faster than 24.6 kbps that I am getting at my house :(
The only other place in town is a kinko's or the airport. I did wonder if I could go hang out in an airport, but paying for parking would just not be cool :)

Ok...more tomorrow after my doctor's appointment and I get back to Ft. Myers. I took the day off work. Woo! Hopefully I can get a bit more schoolwork done. I still have some problems to work on for class and then start working on my paper for next week. I also need to call and start the process of withdrawing. This should be fun. Bastards :)


Oh, and to parilous, congrats on the paint job. Post pix as soon as possible please.
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