November 18th, 2004

Charlie Brown


This is pretty scary, at least the last quote is.
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If a half naked woman is inappropriate for the football watching dudes...then I guess the cheerleaders better go get fitted for habits and nun type gowns...perhaps a berka (sorry, don't know how to spell it) to completely cover up, heaven forbid they get on tv. Complaint after complaint will flood in about the short shorts and the sports bras that the cheerleaders wear now, even in the cold cold winter open air arenas...poor ladies. They will probably welcome brand new muumuus with open arms because they can wear sweat pants underneath to stay warm.
As for Michael Powell having fun...I didn't think that word was in his vocabulary.
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Charlie Brown

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COLUMBUS, Ohio - Election officials in one Ohio county found that about 2,600 ballots were double-counted, and two other counties have discovered possible cases of people voting twice in the presidential election.

Prosecutors were trying to determine Wednesday whether charges should be filed against a couple in Madison County accused of voting twice. In addition, Summit County election workers investigated possible double votes found under 18 names.

In the other case, Sandusky County election officials discovered that about 2,600 ballots from nine precincts were counted twice, likely because of worker error, elections director Barb Tuckerman said.

Tuckerman believes the votes were counted twice when they were mistakenly placed alongside a pile of uncounted ballots. The room where the ballots were being fed into optical-scan machines on election night was so crowded that ballots had to be placed on the floor, Tuckerman said.

"It was totally hectic," she said.

The problem was discovered when Tuckerman found that one precinct showed 131 percent of registered voters had cast ballots.

President Bush (news - web sites) won the election by taking Ohio with 136,000 votes more than Democrat John Kerry (news - web sites), according to the unofficial tally.

The couple who voted twice in Madison County cast absentee ballots in October, then voted in person on Election Day, county elections director Gloria Herrel said. The couple said election workers told them their absentee votes were lost, prosecutor Steve Pronai said.

In Summit county, typically the votes were made by absentee ballot or in person, and then a second vote was cast with a provisional ballot in another precinct, elections director Bryan Williams said.

Under Ohio law, people who vote twice could be charged with election fraud, falsification or illegal voting, according the Secretary of State's Office. The maximum penalty for the most severe charge is 18 months in prison.

Double votes could have affected the result of a local schools income tax request that failed by one vote in Madison County.

In Illinois, thousands of provisional ballots cast on Election Day did not count, in most cases for lack of evidence the voters were actually registered. The Associated Press count was based on checks of several election jurisdictions. State officials were still gathering information Wednesday on provisional ballots cast statewide, a day after the deadline to count them.
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Charlie Brown

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So, I need a change. A big one. I think I'm going to move. This will make you happy April, I'm thinking of Tucson. I think this would be a good thing for me. At least a year maybe just a year. I think I am going to start saving up some money, I should be getting a good xmas bonus from work plus money back from my student loan since this was my last class. That would be a good start. I need to get my budget in order, start just socking it all away. I also need to start checking out the job market, maybe I can get a job with health insurance, that would be swell. :)

It's still up in the air, but I think this is what needs to be done. It's time to get off the pot.

The kids are still young enough that I think this would be a good time for me to be away, I mean, I'll miss some stuff with them, but I would rather make the memories when they can remember them too. Part of me is sad that I spent $200 on a party they won't remember. I will remember it though. I've got the videos and photos to do that, and my stellar brain.

Yeah. Go me. get crackin'.
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