December 5th, 2004

Charlie Brown

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Last night I watched a few movies. A Day Without A Mexican, Once Upon A Time In Mexico and then Eddie Izzard's Unrepeatable.
Day w/o a Mexican: pretty good. Interesting concept, I really enjoyed it.
Once Upon a Time: Mostly in Spanish, which I was very happy with. Even better, I understood most of it. Enrique Iglesias is in it, that's a downfall, but Johnny Depp is in it which is a plus. Interesting "plot twists" but, honestly, the best part of that whole movie was in the special features watching Robert Rodriguez cook a meal. Um, I got really...excited...watching that. Yeah, so, if you just want mindless entertainment, that's a good one. And to brush up on your Spanish. Although, some of the subtitles were a little off, but, that could just be regional dialect thing or something.
Eddie Izzard's Unrepeatable: the sound was mixed terribly, so sometimes you are straining to understand him, but, it's funny nonetheless, the Star Trek bit at the end is HILARIOUS.
The Terminal: I know it's not on that list, but we watched that Friday night. I was pleasantly surprised, it was a good flick. Tom Hanks does a passable Russian accent and is, of course, just an endearing character. Catherine Zeta isn't in it too much which adds to the appeal :) I would recommend it as well.

I got my $100 from my Monopoly money win. Yay! I went to McDonald's one day out of desperation to get something resembling food in my stomach and they were still doing Monopoly. So, I peel off the little game pieces and got like St. Charles or something, which I throw away and then peel the other off and won $100!! So, I got that, which came just in time since I spent quite a bit at Tarjay yesterday. I am depositing that in the bank tootsweet and then I get to go to CVS to print out some photos for the Ferris Wheel photo frame I got at Tarjay for Brandi and Denica's xmas present. I know they will love it. I also need to convert the videos I took to DVD so that they can have that as well.

I also need to clean up this room. Go through CDs, copy songs I want and then sell them to Spec's or some such. Have to minimize minimize minimize. April, I asked Chris and he said it was okay if I shipped some stuff to your place until I get there. As long as that's okay with you too. Mostly gonna be books. :) Yes, I'm going to purge and sell to used bookstore, but I can't be without some of them. You understand I'm sure.

Ok, time to start cleaning.
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Charlie Brown

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Went through my cds. I'll probably go through them one more time before I leave here. Over xmas, I'll be going through the ones back at the house in wpb and getting rid of those. I think my goal may be to have ONE box of cds to move. I think that may be possible. Next project, going through my books (again). I did it just now and pulled out a few things, mostly Bush/Election related, I know I won't get much for them at the bookstore, but I'm sure I can get SOMETHING for them, otherwise, off to the library they go. I've also decided to throw my Terry Pratchett books on eBay. I know I can get a little better of a deal with those. Then, just send them via media mail and I've saved on postage as well.
Next next project (since I've taken care of the books at this place) is to put these pictures I have pulled aside right now and put them in a little sketch book that I bought that is the perfect size for holding pictures. I have a fancier one with black pages that is hand bound that I am going to use for extra special pictures. It's all about condensing your life, non?
Any ideas from anyone about shipping a television? Do you think if I took it to a UPS store they could box it and ship it for me at a reasonable cost? Otherwise, I am going to have to drive it to AZ and that just isn't what I'm looking for right now. I don't really want to have electronics in my car while I'm staying at a hotel. Ick. I'm getting a little excited about the camping trip this weekend, mainly because I get to wear my toe socks and my NIN watchcap. It's kind of sad that that is what is making me happy :)

Bobbie and Josh are decorating their tree right now. I've decided to abstain, I've never been big on it, mainly because all it did was lead to arguments and thorough house cleanings. I was usually caught in the middle. Ahh the holidays :)
I need to go to the grocery store and get some lunches for this week. I'll suck it up and get frozen meals, which I really don't like, but it's the only way (right now) that I am going to not go out for lunch every day. I need to start saving all my money as much as I can right now. No more buying cds/books/dvds. Nope, no more.

It's not that hard really, but, when boredom kicks in, that's when I start shopping online.

Ok, off to start picture pasting.
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