December 23rd, 2004

Charlie Brown

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You, I was in a pretty good mood. I was even willing to listen to Christmas Music. So, I get to work and things are just like normal. So, I am doing my work and waiting for payroll to show up and for Don to give me the bonus checks. So, I see that he is working on them. So, I took a sneak peek. I got $350. Me and the new girl got the lowest amount of anyone. I got the same as the girl who has been here for about 4 months.
Yes...that's right, 4 months. I've been here 9.
I pay these people every week, I deal with Don's ridiculousness, I call in their dry cleaning (why this is so difficult for them to do is beyond me), pretty much handle their shit constantly, and I get a measly $350. I'm insulted.
I've been slapped in the face.
More later...I get to leave early, after busting ass all day. Yay for me
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Charlie Brown

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So, part deux of today. Bobbie got $500. I expected her to get more, she's been there longer AND does a bit more involved work than I do. I think she got shafted too.
Anyways, it's all good. It just cements a few things in my head.
So, I was talking to my mom this evening, and I told her. I told her I was moving to AZ. She's not very happy, but I think she understands that I need to get away from everyone and just be me. So, this will be quite a memorable Christmas, non?
Thanks for the comments and stuff. I know I shouldn't be bitching too much given what some other people got and what not, but when you are told you will be taken care's not to come home to a bonus of less than your weekly pay.

So, to quote Dave's topic from earlier, "This is what happens when you find a stranger in the Alps."

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