December 24th, 2004

Charlie Brown

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I'll be hitting the road in about an hour, headed towards West Palm Beach. Woo! *rolls eyes* Although, I am looking forward to Mexican food this evening. Homemade Mexican made by real Mexicans who are so coo.
*reminder, grab Los Lobos CDs for music tonight*
I'm taking the bottle of wine that came with one of the gift baskets from one of our vendors. I wound up giving away everything (except the wine) to the guys in the shop and the supervisors. I realized they never got any of this stuff. Why should we reap all the benefits of vendors sucking up to us. These make the ultimate decision on whether or not we use these people ever again (they let us know if the material is any good or not). So, I gave away all kinds of chocolate and cheese type breads and what not. I certainly don't need them. Besides, Don wasn't there so I had no one else to give it to. :)
Right now I'm drinking coffee from my new Construction Materials(TM) coffee mug. It's a good normal size mug...handcrafted in China :)
Allright, well, everyone...


I'll be without computer access until Sunday since my computer is sitting at the HP service center in Freemont, CA. Bastards.

Later kids.
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