April 8th, 2005

Charlie Brown

(no subject)

Dude, apartment...looks...AWESOME.
Door still sticks though. Don't even care, red tablecloth is kicking my ass.
Need to go to Home Depot and get some brackets and shelves for the "dining room" wall. I think that will be a good place to put knickknacks/tchotchkies/etc. Plus, the cats won't be able to get to it.
Vaash decided to hang out in the tub this morning. Weirdo.
So, I'm almost done getting stuff organized and put away. Need the desk though. So I can have somewhere else to shove papers.
It's amazing what you can get done when you turn on the radio (in this case, my laptop) and just get moving.
Can't wait for peeps to see it! Yay!!
As soon as I get online, I'll post pictures. I don't feel like dealing with that here. :)
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