April 14th, 2005

Charlie Brown

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Made my oatmeal ginger cookies last night :) MMMMMM
Woke up late this morning, got to work late too. I need to have my bike seat adjusted, whoever had it before me had really long legs, I can BARELY reach the pedals. Also, I thought that I locked my front door last night so, this morning, I turned the lock the other way. Apparently, I didn't lock the door last night because this morning I locked it. After climbing over my patio wall and going to the front door that's when I noticed. Stupid me didn't think to take the keys. *bangs head on patio wall*
So, I had to climb BACK OVER the wall to get back into the apartment. *sigh* Need to adjust the bikeseat (I think a bikeshop is my best bet for this, unless I can get my hands on a wrench), straighten up a bit (packaging from the modem/router), figure out what I have in the fridge (already I have forgotten what I have), attempt to catch Vaash and brush him as Vera dug the brushing she got last night. Kept coming back for more, silly kitty. Lots of static that I heard too. Why are my cats all electrified now?
I also got some toys for them. Catnip mice and little jingle balls. It was funny watching Vera take out some aggression on the little jingle ball. She was practically wrestling with it. Hilarious. I'll have to get some video or something.

In TV news: wtf with Law and Order, making me watch Trial by Jury on Friday. Damn them!! I have also decided to push back cable to local channels as I don't really watch anything else, except maybe some MASH on Hallmark or the occasional movie on TBS or something, which, honestly, I could spend the time much more constructively, like...reading or watching a DVD that I rented or cleaning or going out and enjoying fresh air. (after the pollen is gone of course)

Also, it's pretty funny, but, I find that it helps me fall asleep now when Vaash is laying down on my side. Silly kitty. OK, to "work" I go. Feh. Get to sit around some more...woo!
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