April 19th, 2005

Charlie Brown

Pope on a Rope

I got Sensitive Systems cat food for the kitties last night, hopefully this will curb Vaash's idea of a fun time being puking at 3 in the morning. So far, so good. No vomit has been found. We'll see when I get home how good it is. :)

Vera seems to have some sort of eye irritation or (hopefully not) infection. I salined her eye out last night and again this morning. It seemed a little more open this morning after last night's wash out. Hopefully, it's just an irritation (which I've gotten before) and this will help. I can't afford a vet visit right now.

Weekly meeting this afternoon. Fun. I made cookies for it :)

My Aunt Gloria is in town tomorrow, going to dinner with her and my uncle. Yay! See, this is why I moved, so I would be excited to see family members instead of obligated.

More later, maybe. lots to do lots to do
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