April 21st, 2005

Charlie Brown

Free...free is good

Yesterday was "Free Day." I'm glad you asked why, lemme 'splain. I was already scheduled to have dinner with my aunt and uncle (they were visiting from Florida, up in Sedona checking out the hippies and riding around in Hummers and then today they are heading to Mexico to hang out in the shops in Nogales) and today I was supposed to go with April to Frazee paints, but we decided to go yesterday afternoon, which turned out to be quite fortuitous. I picked out my red quite quickly, one of the nicest ones they had, very saucy *waggles eyebrows* and the counter guy asked if I needed help, of course I did. So, we are discussing the best primer to use on the bookcase so I can paint it (Thanks Kevin!)
Then April started talking of her love for Frazee paints...next thing I know, I'm getting a free gallon of 100% acrylic paint that is so very lovely that I want to hug it and squeeze it all day long. YAY!
Then, it was off to dinner with my family. It was nice to see some family again. I mean, I haven't been here that long, but, I still miss them sometimes. Then I think about how quiet my life is right now, and I remember that's part of why I moved out here, and go back to reading or watching tv or zoning out.
I <3 ribs. Yummy yummy. Right, so, that was good. I made April get a Fat Tire because I wanted to live vicariously through her drinking experience. My uncle and I both got the baby back ribs...lovely. The service wasn't that great, but, otherwise, good times. I gave them the bottle of mezcal I got for my dad to take back for me since I didn't want to mail it, but they could put it in their carryon baggage.
So, it was a good evening, very enjoyable. I tried to watch some Law and Order, but just couldn't get into it and realized, I was really sleepy, so I went to bed about 9:30. I've been sleeping better the past few nights for some reason, except for when the cats wake me up with their fighting or whatever.
OK, I have work to do today. Later!
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