April 23rd, 2005

Charlie Brown


I did something today that made me proud to be me. It's nothing big, but for me, it helps me feel more self sufficient and groovy. I needed to lower my bike seat, it's too high, I have short legs, so, I was going to walk it the 2 miles to Sabino Cycles because that was the closest place to me. Then, I took another look this morning and decided that I would do it myself. How hard could it be? So, I went to Target and headed for the bike section, but, all they had was this little tool with some box wrenches and allen wrenches and...a can opener??? Right, so, I put it in the cart but, said, HEY! Let me see what automotive has, I need a socket wrench, I don't want to deal with a box wrench. So, off I went. Found a socket set for less than the handy dandy tool that I would probably never use again (I may find a use for a socket wrench again, who knows?). I also got some resistance bands, taking jessica420's suggestion to use those instead of weights and a bike lock. So, I got home and headed for the bike. Looked at the nut and picked the 1/2" socket...and it was the right one!!!
Do you know how proud I was of myself? So proud. Plus, I got to hear that lovely socket wrench noise which brings up memories of helping my dad fix cars. So, not only did I save money on a tune up on what looks to be a perfectly sound bike, but I got a better sense of self-sufficiency that was starting to wane due to my monetary issues right now.

Maybe more later, have to go finish making my kidney bean burgers :)
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