June 10th, 2005

Charlie Brown

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Totally forgot today was payday at 2nd job. Oops. :) Direct deposited already though, so that's all kinds of sweet. Have to work on budget Sunday. I would do it Saturday (and I might) but I think I might just be a vegetable after work and MUST GO TO THE GYM DAMMIT.


Came across the Thomas Thomas. Poor dude.

Oh, I chopped my hair off. Since most of you have never met me, not a big shock, but, I did it myself this morning over the bathroom sink. Fun. It's a little crooked, but since it's all kinds of curly, not too noticeable. Good times. I do this shit in hopes that I will stop wearing it back all the time. I've been tempted to shave my head, but lack the nice head shape to do such a thing. Plus, I'd have to sunscreen it every day :)

Vera is being all kinds of cute right now. Half on her back and half on her side just staring into the nothingness that is this life. What's funny is those words should be coming from Vaash, he's the emo kitty. hehehe

I got to leave FT job early today, which is usually the case on Fridays, in construction, Friday = get the hell out asap. Usually to cut down on OT, which is a big issue, especially during the slow times. I remember being on the phone constantly on Thursdays to try and avoid anything over five hours of OT for the guys. So, I used that extra time for the best nap this afternoon. mmmm

I moved my bed to under the window, I think I've been sleeping better, which is funny, because old wives tale says, "sleep facing the east."

I now sleep facing south. Maybe I'm just kooky that way.

Anyways, need to get ready for the bedtime, as I have to be at work at six in the morning. Isn't that exciting?? I also need to break up the cats. They are "fighting" again. *sigh*
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