June 24th, 2005

Monty Python

mmmmmmm humidity

Returned my cable box to the Brigadoon of cable companies. I think it only appears every half hour or something. I couldn't find it. Thanks Tucson's ridiculous street signage. Apparently 15th St. is also Winnet St (or some such). So, unless you know that or can read behind you, you would never have found stupid 15th Street if you were coming from the south (which I was doing). Bastards. :)
I was joking around with April that this town is against me. More than likely not, but, it's still fun to say.
Then I headed home. I had grand ideas about sewing and being domestic. mmmmmmno. I sat on my ass all night. I actually fell asleep for ten minutes during the NewsHour with Jim Lehrer (who is out on book tour, I sometimes wonder if the person who covers while the main host is gone wishes that they would change the name of the show to their name, just for those few blessed days when all their dreams have come true and they have their own tv news magazine. Oh, sorry, I got carried away).

I did pick out which magazines I wanted from my Delta SkyMiles. Since I had 6,000 miles set to expire soon (it takes 20,000 to get a ticket to Des Moines, only Des Moines. Okay, maybe Boise, if you are nice) they sent me a thing to get some magazines. I'm getting the Wall Street Journal, Organic Style (oooo), Smart Money, Fast Company, Inc. and some others. Anyone interested in sharing with me is more than welcome to. After I read them, of course. :) I almost signed up for Spin, but realized it would just annoy me. I'm glad I'm starting to realize stuff about myself. Yay for learning from mistakes!

And then, it started raining. Oh joy! Oh bliss! Oh blessed humidity! (not too much though, then it's just gross). I sat on my patio for 20 minutes listening and watching. I don't know why I was so surprised that the rain was cold. Florida rain tended to be warm, unless it was a cold day, then it was cold. I was also enamored with the clouds which just seemed to sit. No movement. So different than what I'm used to. I'm glad I'm experiencing it. I was going to bring Vaash out with me, but decided against it, I didn't want a wet cat to deal with. Although, it may have curbed his interest in being outside so much. Next rainstorm maybe. :)

Ok, going to take the MIT Weblog Survey thingie. Perhaps more navel gazing later.
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Charlie Brown

From earlier this evening while at 2nd job:

So, I get to work and the server is down. I've been sitting here for almost a half hour. Fun. I didn't bring anything to read or do, so I'm doing what anyone would do...handwriting a LiveJournal entry.

I got most of my filing done, so that was good. I also managed to get a 15 minute nap in before I left for work. Vaash decided that I was to be his pillow, that wasn't at ALL distracting. :)

Randi Rhodes was playing a clip from C-Span of a House (?) meeting being led by someone from Florida...Putnam I believe she said (it's really hard for me to hear the radio at work because my speakers are teh suck). Anyways, they took a voice vote, you could hear many "Yeas" and very few "Nays" and guess what the chair decided it was...Nay. The collective groan was insane. So, need to figure out what THAT was all about. I also discovered that there is some dissent in the field because the super is taking a four day vacation to go fishing this weekend. He'll be back on Tuesday. Lots of grumbling. ooooooooooooooo

Ok, back to twiddling my thumbs.

About ten minutes later the server was back up and I was lost in the world of data entry. Exciting, no? I'll make sure to bring reading material tomorrow :)
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