June 28th, 2005

Charlie Brown

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I always seem to get pulled into political/bad arguments at work. Sample:

"If it wasn't for the environmentalists making us a consumer nation then we could go drill for our own oil. Then it wouldn't cost so much."

"Uh, I think OPEC has a little to do with the cost of oil. Not the environmentalists."

"No, it's all the environmentalists fault, they won't let us cut down trees or drill for oil."

"Ok, well, next time you want to go fishing and they are drilling for oil there, you can thank the environmentalists."
Charlie Brown

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Some of you may remember this post concerning the 25 greatest americans.

Guess who #1 was.

Go on...guess.

effing ronald reagan

he "beat" Lincoln and MLK,JR

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Charlie Brown

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Since I was such an unproductive member of society Sunday, I have decided to be very productive this evening.

I'm cheating and using the dishwasher. I cleaned the leftovers out of the fridge. You wouldn't think one person could have so many leftovers. I'm amazed myself.

Now...the litterbox of doom.

Added at 10:15 - I ran out of steam around 9. But, the litter is clean and so are the dishes. Woot!!
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