July 3rd, 2005

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I think I am going to have to go to Casa Grande tomorrow to the outlet there, the Levis outlet here doesn't have 32x33 501 shrink to fit jeans. They have 32x30 and then go to 32x34. I am wondering if the 33 is even available outside of the internets. I should call the outlet mall and see if they are going to be open tomorrow. That would be the smart thing to do. But, if I get most of my stuff done today, then that may be my big activity for tomorrow. Woo! Then I can come home, cook, watch movies and sit with the cats while I look at my new red dresser (I just finished priming it. In 2 hours it shall be transformed.)

I got some bamboo shades at Lowe's and an Adirondack chair at Tarjay this afternoon (and cat food!). I went with the green bamboo since everyone around here has brown. Have to be different, me. In another few weeks I may get a couple of those paper lanterns and hang them up so I have a little outdoor haven to sit in. I can also throw Vaash on the harness and leash and he can sit out there with me. That way we both get outdoor time. Vera can come too, but she's a good girl and doesn't need a leash. She knows how good she has it with me :)

Cancelled my Sirius subscription earlier this afternoon. The guy was a little snarky, but I forgave him since he had to work over a 3 day weekend. He's lucky I was in a good mood. :) Otherwise, I probably would have had a ton of free crap after I got done with a supervisor over there. Since I listen to the station I want to hear anyways online at work and they aren't going to be carrying it anymore anyways, it's just best for me to get rid of it. I don't really even listen to radio anymore, if I am, it's NPR or PBS. Otherwise, CDs are the way for me. :)

Ok, I need to go sort laundry and get that started and then work on the dresser and then...collapse :)
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