July 6th, 2005

Charlie Brown

boring work musings

It's interesting that I am usually so bored because I have no work to do, and the day when they are offering me things to do, I don't want to do them. Mainly because it's silly, "Fax this, type this up, copy this" type of garbage. Especially when they want me to make a copy of something when they are standing next to the copy machine. What is that all about?

Anyways, since we are possibly starting 2 new jobs after this one, (even though I'm *technically* not supposed to be doing anything for those jobs) it is a little busier because of the massive amounts of record keeping that need to be done. To the efficient person residing in me, this is just a massive waste of time and paper, but, have to make sure that everything is recorded lest someone sue you. *sigh*

I wonder how they will manage 2 jobs at once, if they will hire another super and/or project manager and another assistant. I want to go with K if they split this stuff up, H is a pain in the ass. Yesterday I had to pick him up from the airport because he was dropping a car off for someone flying in and on the way back to work he was trying in a subtle way to "preach the word of the lord" to me. I am fine with people having their beliefs, but, I've already stated that I'm not buying. Then telling me I listen to weird music and that evolution has a lot of holes in it, really isn't winning me over to your side. I pointed out that creationism has a lot of holes in it, too. You can disprove just about anything, so really, again, I'm not buying. Evolution got brought up because I have a Darwin fish on my car.

And so, I guess I will organize more papers. This should be fun :)
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Head Explosions

Why I hate html/web design

What is wrong with this:

< img src="dead.jpg" >

(I added spaces to fool LJ)


I'm going home...eff the internets
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Charlie Brown

The solution became clear

So, I asked for some assistance from without_gravity and he's all "You don't have quotes around the file name." And I'm all, yes I do!!

And I did...Word quotes NOT text quotes.

*kicks windows*

So, strictly wordpad from here on out :)

I have FrontPage, but...it feels like cheating to me.
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