July 17th, 2005

Charlie Brown

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Yay! I was productive! I was watching "The Village" and made myself some t-shirt towels. Yay! They've just been sitting there for a while mocking me. "Hey, aren't you going to do anything with us? Huh, huh? Well?"
I figured if I was watching this load of dreck I should at least make use of the time. Finished up my evening watching Robin Williams Live On Broadway. So funny. I almost choked a few times on my drink. I should know by now not to drink while watching him. Even after watching that a few times it is still funny. Tomorrow will be cleaning! Woo! This includes mopping and bathtub cleaning. That's right, I'm going all out tonight.

Oh, and I got that microwave. Yay! It fits perfectly on my counter. And only $20! Yay!

Vaash is a good hunter. One of those weirdo jumpy bug things got in the apartment and he caught it for me. I didn't let him eat it though, I don't need anymore excuses for him to vomit. :)

I think this spark of productivity has been started by reading a 650 page book in about seven hours. I think I am still high from that. For those 7 hours I was a British witch hanging out with my peeps from Hogwarts.
I am such a nerd. And I'm okay with that. I think I shall also go snap a few pictures with camera to test it out.

Also, can't wait to listen to the final episode of Cooking Under Fire. I'm pulling for Katie, she's got the guts man!! And a bad haircut. ooof...got to see it this evening.

I'm rambling.
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Charlie Brown

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Mission freaking accomplished! woo!

Apartment is shiny and clean. Going to rest for a bit, goof off, etc. before tackling dinner for the week.
Nothing too fancy this week, just some good old fashioned chicken parm. :)
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