July 21st, 2005

Charlie Brown

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I saw two amusing things at work and I can only remember one of them: a place in Alabama called "The Ether Bunny." Well, *I* giggled. Also came to a few conclusions: 1) Some Nine Inch Nails music is not good to listen to at work; 2) Led Zeppelin is AWESOME to listen to at work; 3) working two jobs sucks.

Someone burned me a copy of a live Zep show and I was practically dancing in the seat it was so good. Woo! Especially listening to Immigrant Song. It's really hard not to rock out to that song. No, seriously, it is. Ok, fine, don't believe me.

I'm kind of dreading the nearing of Bobbie's wedding day. I mean, I'm VERY happy for her and all, but, uh, I don't want to hear too much about it. We talk on IM everyday, so there are just little bits and bobs of info every now and again. I also don't really want to hear about the alleged move to Orlando anymore from Heather. I know this is her ticket out, but, dammit, there is still that tinge of jealousy that it's practically being handed to her. Ah well. That's what it all racks up to: jealousy. I hate that feeling.

In happier news (because it involves ME) :D I am thinking of throwing a birthday party for myself and lunarcamel, there will be a powwow about this upon her return from The Ocean next week over tacos and after we discuss the China Visa Lady. (I have no idea) I asked if Peter Piper Pizza was any good, but, apparently only if you like cardboard. So that's right out. Maybe bowling? Rollerskating? I am leaning towards something kind of childlike because sometimes we just need to revisit it and remember that not all of life should be so serious. Of course, anyone who is reading this is invited. :) It'll be in August, probably the 2nd to last week or so. (Just a reminder, my birthday is August 22nd and I'll be putting up a link to my Amazon wishlist within the next week or so to gently remind you all...again).

Oh, and porcelain72 I haven't forgot your birthday, just need to wait for le paycheck :)

I felt a little bad this afternoon when I got home. In my rush to leave this morning, I forgot to open the blinds for the kitties. They were in the dark all day long!! Poor babies. When I got home I opened them, so they got a couple of hours of good sunning in. The hairball incidents have become infrequent now, thank goodness for this new food. I need to get some more. They are almost out...dammit. That means after work run tomorrow to Albertsons. Also, mandatory OT for 2nd job next week. The plus of this (besides extra hours) is that Saturday starts the new pay period. So, I'll probably just go in for about four hours on Saturday and get that out of the way. I am going to be trying to work as much as possible these next five weeks so I can use this cash to pay for my upcoming travels.

Ok, I think that's enough boring you all.
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