August 11th, 2005

Charlie Brown

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My work life is niced and filled up with making notebooks. How EXCITING!

I thought I had found a cheap airline ticket to florida for october, but, uh...I had it set for oakland, not WPB. Oops! I faxed out my resumes today (was left alone long enough to do such things) so, keep fingers and toes crossed.

So glad the week is almost over. I may do some work on Saturday since I'm taking Friday off. Need to be well rested for next weekend. :) :) :)

I thought I had more to say...but...I'm not feeling it right now.
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Sidney Nose

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I meant to mention this earlier, but I forgot. On my way to work this morning, I saw a lady standing outside the medical plaza on Wilmot (right outside my apt. complex) holding a sign informing me that Southwest Medical Associates (or something like that) did not give informed consent.

I have *no* idea what that was all about. If she is there tomorrow morning, I may ask.

OH, and I got my shirts in! yay!

Looks ok. Will try closer to the concert date to see if I really want to wear that. If anything, I have a great shirt for just going out (wearing a shirt over it, of course, must protect skin from evil sunshine) :)
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