September 8th, 2005

Monty Python

Why I Wouldn't Evacuate

Some people have been wondering, "Why didn't more people evacuate?" There are the obvious reasons: no money, no car, nowhere to go, didn't know a storm was coming (believe it or not, this is actually valid) and physically/mentally unable. Collapse )

Yeah, so there ya go. Link, cut/paste, ignore. Do what you want. :) Just know that it's REALLY long. :)

*On some investigation by Bobbie, where her house is, storm surge is to be expected in her area if a Category 3 storm had a direct hit in that neck of the woods. Her house would be affected by that surge.
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Running Guy

Leavin' on a jet plane...

Ok, ticket to CA was purchased over the weekend, good thing, too. Prices jumped $30 to get to San Jose. I will soon know the way to San Jose. Isn't that exciting? So, that was bought, but I was still hunting around for a good deal to get BACK from Florida. I could get a roundtrip flight from Tucson to Orlando for about $180, but, how the hell was I going to get back to Orlando? Exactly. So, scrapped that plan, plus, I would have had to amuse myself for about six hours waiting for someone to come get me from Orlando. So, I am now flying Southwest to Florida and America West back from Florida.

United is my travel of choice to get to CA. Travel just gets harder and harder every year. This is why I sometimes wish I lived in Vegas, lots of cheap flights there. :)
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