September 10th, 2005

Satchel Sigh

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There are now three reasons why I miss cable:

1. The Daily Show

2. Apparently, I've been missing Keith Olbermann all my life

3. Florida State Football

I've been able to soothe the Daily Show itch with clips on the intarnets, but it's a pale comparison to actually watching it live (if I'm even awake that late).
I usually try to avoid 24 hour news networks because they aren't telling me anything new, just the same thing in a different way, but I really should watch this dude. However, somewhat soothed by clips on the intarnets.
I could just read up on the game about 8 tonight my time and get all the info, since it's at 6:45 EST. We'll see.
I wonder if there is a sports bar in the area showing the game today. It's on ESPNU. I am waiting for ESPN8: The Ocho*, to be created. Then I will get cable again. :)

*points to anyone who can tell me what movie that is from.
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