September 21st, 2005

Satchel Sigh

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All assembly parts jobs were filled. Alas. They had an office manager position open, though. So, I talked to the guy. $10/hr. manage an office? Am I in kookooland? Now, needing a job as badly as I do, I would have theoretically jumped at the chance,'s in Marana. I'd have a 25 mile each way drive. No thanks. My salary would cover gas costs. And I'm in a small car! So, I passed. I wasn't even a shoe-in (shoo-in?) for the job as he was doing a "screening" interview. *sigh* For ten dollars an hour. Bah!

So, instead I got Vaash a collar and tag. It's too hot to let him out right now, so this evening, while I take the laundry to the mat (har har) I'll let him frolic and roam freely. He looks tres chic in his red collar though. With his red tag. And little bell. heheehe...that bell is going to drive me nuts at night, I can just feel it.

Need to call some people re: my resume and status. Have to find those numbers, I know I put them somewhere around here. The apartment is atrocious. I need to clean it in the worst way. Probably while I do laundry I will do some clean up and cooking. I've been living on hummus. :)

I also discovered a handprint that is not mine on the sliding glass door. This makes me very nervous.
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