September 23rd, 2005

Satchel Sigh

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It seems my financial situation was a bit more tenous than I had originally thought. I've put in a request for forebearance on my student loan, so that's a step in the right direction. Just made partial payments on the bills I owe right now. My main objective is make sure rent and car get paid on time. I really really hate this. I hope that waitressing job comes through. At least I can bring in a little extra cash. I'll have to bug them about that. I *really* hope new job comes through. Maybe I should have taken the $10/hr job. I just don't know.

My uncle offered me the opportunity to be a FEMA inspector, but I can't do anything until 10/17 because of this wedding I'm going to. Part of me is wanting to see exactly how much of a penalty I would have to pay to cancel the tickets and call my uncle again and tell him I can start 10/3. But, then I wouldn't be able to see my grandfather before he leaves for Tennessee. :(

As horrible as it sounds, I hope that inspectors are still needed by the time all of my traveling is done. It will pain me to leave, but the money is too good and I could really use that right now. I'll have to lay on it and see.
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