October 1st, 2005

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So, le trip. I guess I should start from the very beginning of the whole shebang. When I awoke from my nap on Thursday morning (I got about 2 hours of sleep at April's) I remembered that I had neglected to grab the bag of garbage and take it out of the apartment. I can only hope that the cats decide to leave it be. I went to put in my contact lenses and I opened the box and lo and behold, I had grabbed the wrong one. It was empty. So, I've been in my glasses all weekend. Squinting in the sunlight. I had to drive to Phoenix wearing them. *sigh* So, I get to the Phoenix airport at 4 a.m. and thinking that my flight leaves at 6 a.m. I am quite happy that I have arrived with plenty of time to spare. I check in and realize...my flight doesn't leave until 6:40 a.m. I could have had an extra half hour of sleep. *sigh*

So, wait around the airport until 5:15 a.m. when the little cafe opens so I can get some food. I'm starving! Luckily, I had had some coffee on the way up from Tucson, so that helped keep me moving. Ate breakfast, boarded the plane after a while and enjoyed a roomy flight into L.A.

I bought a Frappuccino. I totally *flips hair* had a frappuccino *flips hair* in L.A. Like, omigod. I am so awesome. :D

Arrived in San Jose about ten minutes early and was picked up by Jay and we headed for campus and then we discovered the evil Jerome was sick again and so we lounged about and then we went to Arabic class and that was really cool and I learned some stuff and that was fun and then we came back to her house and had some chicken with aioli in pita (yum!) and then went to bed after the daily show which was so much fun to see again. YAY!

Friday: Lounged around a bit, got a late start and then headed to Alameda (where the nuclear wessels are) and then we went into SF and saw Corpse Bride and met with cmdavi_70 and his friend and that was fun. There may be more meetings again, I don't know, everything is very laissez faire or something. :D :D :D

I think we are taking BART today, but I am not sure. I know that scrambled eggs are in my immediate future and that makes me happy. You know, I don't even know when my flight leave tomorrow, I should probably check into that. So, even though NIN are wussies...I am managing to have a pretty good time on my mini vacation.

if i only get some pictures in, I'd be set. :D :D :D
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