November 14th, 2005

Charlie Brown

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So, happy picture post, yay!

I feel a bit better about finally getting those posted. I'm getting kind of annoyed at the warehouse job. This whole "it's not my job" thing is getting out of hand. I've always been one to get shit done and that doesn't seem to be the case there. *shakes head*

I'll be going in at 5 tomorrow morning. OT is good. :) I also have to work tomorrow night so I'm going to be a little sleepy tomorrow.

Things are starting to feel a little better now though. I'm starting to catch up a little and that gives me a huge sense of relief. I'll be able to make rent with my paycheck from last week and the pizza paycheck. Which is good as I am getting fucked for Thanksgiving. They are closed that Thursday and Friday, so I will be short 2 days in that week's paycheck. Such crap.

I should hear something by the end of this week regarding the job I really want to have. In a twist...the University of Arizona has my application moved from "under consideration" to "under review by department."
I'm moving forward 2 months later. Finally.

Oh...and I've been accepted for Jeopardy! tryouts in January. Now, if I get the first job that I am gunning for, I would gladly give up any chance to be on Jeopardy! to have this job. I think it is going to be interesting and somewhat rewarding. I'll be helping people and making money :) Not gobs of it, but enough to get by and not have to eat mac and cheese or tuna for dinner every night.

In other news, I hung out with April and Chris on Saturday and explained cell phone plans to them. Then we went to a fancy pants store and got some cheese and liquor. We were going to have pasta and meat sauce for dinner...but we filled up on cheese, fruit and bread. It was good. :) April was nice enough to refrain from giving me the sharper cheeses. I'm a cheese wuss, even though I love it. I just can't handle Stilton. I suck. :)

Sunday was work and a movie at Bookman's. I cleaned out my bookcase and got some credit to the store. I still have a bunch of books left. I'll try the other two stores and then whatever is left I'll reconsider my giving it away and then give the rest to the women's shelter. I need to go through my clothes soon. And cds and videos. I think I know what I'll be doing on Thanksgiving for those two days.

I'll also be going to see Harry Potter 4. Anyone who wants to come with me is more than welcome. :) I'll be going on Thanksgiving day. 1st show of the day. Probably will be fairly empty, which is what I prefer for watching a movie I've been looking forward to.

Ok, this is long and rambly. later!
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