December 20th, 2005

Bucky Go Away

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I'm sitting in Pima County Superior Court waiting to be called for jury duty. This waiting around sucks. Seriously.

About 1/3 of the people that were here this morning have already been excused for the day. That was about 10 a.m. It is now 11 a.m. and I am still waiting to be herded to some room or just be let go. I'm hoping for being let go, then I can go home and do laundry and clean the apartment in the worst way. it's REALLY bad. At least the dishes are done though.

I'm also fairly hungry. If I'm still here around lunchtime, I'll probably head for Shot in the Dark and get some hummus. Then I can offend my fellow juror captives with my garlic breath of death. Hell yeah bitches.

They are playing The Santa Clause right now. I was trying to get a nap over in the back "lounge" area, but was distracted by two people talking about "Orientals" and how smart they are. As long as the chinaman doesn't pee on the rug, I guess it's ok.

I couldn't take it anymore, so I moved back to the computer area. Ooo...20 minute break. BBIAB. :)
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Bucky Go Away

The jury saga continues...

so, went to lunch at Shot in the Dark cafe. Had the veggie burrito. Not too shabby. May be having tea this evening with zulunation yet another real life LJ friend. I'm such an LJ whore. Not as big a whore as footnotefetish mind you, but I think I may be catching up. At least I have him beat on usenet meetings. :)

Now they are showing mission impossible for our entertainment. I would prefer they show the Big Lebowski or something, but I guess nihilists aren't very popular in the county superior court. They should be making an announcement soon as to which of us get excused and which of us are going to jury selection. I'm keeping my fingers crossed from excused, although, if I get picked to go to selection, it would be funny if gonzolawyer was the public defender. I think that would excuse me. :) Or if lunarcamel was in the room for the plaintiff's case. Yeah. i can dream, right?

I talked to Heather while I was at lunch, her journey back to West Palm has been hellish to say the very least. Poor thing. She said she almost cried when she saw a Waffle House. Apparently, my uncle's house in St. Mark's has been ransacked and the house has been completely trashed. Ok, the baliff, Karen, is here for Judge Crookshanks (ooo ObHarryPotter). Have I been called? Let's wait and see...

Nope, not on that list. No idea if I have to wait around any longer. Waiting for more announcements.
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Work Related Anger

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I see what is going on now...they are trying to make us go crazy by waiting around and showing us bad movies.


see, i'm not even making sense now.

the rest of us are just waiting around to see if Judge Crookshank runs out of jurors.

he better not. I'm hoping for a 3 p.m. dismissal. I got laundry to do.

And parilous, I broke down and bought dryer sheets last night. My pants were stuck to my legs while I was in the grocery store. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!
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Trent Spins

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Oh yeah, one more thing:

I noticed in gmail that it gives you ads to click based on what the email says or whatever. I was in the spam folder and it had a link to "spam hashbrown bake"

I almost puked up my veggie burrito.





yeah, and the lady next to me is checking out the sonoran muscle cars forum.

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Satchel Table

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Are you all tired of me yet? That's good, because I'm not tired of me yet. Actually, yes I am.

This lady next to me has been on the muscle car forum since 1:00 p.m. It's almost 2:30 now.

I saw someone else on a Veterninary Opthamology page. I love peeking at what peopleare looking at online. Oh, and myspace is blocked from here.


I wonder if that falls under "Tasteless" or "Entertainment/MP3" sites.

That's what the webfilter blocks:

Adult Content/Nudity/Sex

I can think of so many sites that you can't go to. I wonder if the White House site is blocked. :)
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Bucky Go Away

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It's 4 p.m. and I'm STILL sitting here. The Honorable Pokeypants hasn't sent word to let us go yet.

My back is REALLY starting to hurt now.

hate this place

Oh yeah, and now it's The Hunt for Red October.

I wonder if they'll dismiss us before the "no papers" scene.
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