January 1st, 2006

Charlie Brown

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for those of you who knew me pre-LJ:



anynoodles, yeah, i'm a little toasty. Tonight was a success I think. I learned I went overboard in getting treats and goodies for people to eat and drink. I'll be drinking margaritas until May 2006. But, I'm a trooper, I can handle it. Vera behaved fairly well. parilous fooled her for a bit and Vera sat in her lap for a while. Until I came back in and started talking, then she knew that she had been had. :)

Vaash was a good boy and did patrols. He was our scout in case the fuzz showed up. Good boy Vaash. He's currently resting on the porn comforter. which saw some action tonight. Not in the porn sense, but in the vaporizer sense. Those things are pretty cool. I didn't partake, but it was funny watching everyone else go for it. :)

I'm happy with everyone who made an appearance, and the rest of you...you guys missed out. Too bad for you! You missed out on free food (awesome pasta salad courtesy of lunarcamel) and free 'ritas and excellent whisky.

TOmorrow is cleanup. Tonight is passing out on the porn comforter. :)
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Charlie Brown

Belated navelgazing and year end wrap up

2005 was a pretty good year. I started the new year with making a big decision: move to Tucson. Had to get away from my family and 120 miles just wasn't enough space, so 2000 miles seemed to be the better choice. Packed up most of my belongings, mailed the rest, grabbed Vera and set off for my new life. And I'm glad I made this choice. I've met really great people, my social life is the most exciting it's been since I left college and I have two kitties who love and adore me.
Sure, it's been a hard road. No, I don't really enjoy working two jobs but I gotta do what I gotta do. Every setback just means I need to work a little harder to make sure it doesn't happen again. Right now I'm in a comfortable spot (I mean, yeah more money would be nice, but who doesn't feel that way most of the time?) where I am finally getting a routine established as far as work goes and just living day to day.

I do miss my family, but I know that if I go back now, I'll just fall back into the same routines of being a beck and call girl to their every whim. Honestly, besides that, there just aren't any people that I would probably want to meet in Florida right now. I am fully enjoying the broad spectrum of people that I get to meet here on a daily basis. The landscape is breathtaking, the random things people do are amusing (like beef jerky guy at Bentley's this early afternoon) and I get to make fun of hippies. What more could you want?

So, 2006, what will you offer me? I can only hope for more interesting people to add to the growing circle of friends, a more satisfying use of my brainpower and the peace of mind that comes with finding your place in the world. I won't make any resolutions about smoking, drinking, weight management, organization or what have you because every failure just brings me down a little further. I know that I can't keep a planner I'm better at keeping those dates in my head or just a quick reminder in the cell phone. I have finally come to terms with that aspect of my personality. I can accept it now. I like cake and ice cream, and I won't deny myself having those tastes, but I can decrease the serving size :)

That's what life is, just learning how you are and what things you can and can't do and learning to accept those things about yourself instead of just butting your head up on a brick wall. I'm finally decreasing the amount of time I spend looking at the wall and instead turning around to see what else I can bash my head up against. Hopefully, it's something a little softer.
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Sidney Nose

one more thing

so, i have a lot of food and drink left from saturday's festivities.

if anyone would like a movie night on monday, let me know. THERE'S HUMMUS AND SPINACH DIP PEOPLE, IT NEEDS TO BE EATEN!

:) :) :)