January 15th, 2006

Singing John

I'll see you on the dark side of my pants

Hung out with parilous today. Excellent time. We are each other's good luck charm when it comes to clothing. Honestly, I don't know why I don't always go clothes shopping with her. She got 2 new dress shirts for work and I got these:

Are these not the freaking coolest? And they were on mega sale. Rock on Sears.

I went to the Raytheon thing earlier in the morning only to find that they wanted people who had at least 2 years experience in assembly, welding, metal machining, etc. The only thing I would have qualified for experience-wise was a custodian position. I don't even want to clean my own apartment, so I doubt that I would have been willing to do that job. So, I drove to Marana to hang with April and we had some Awful Waffle and went running around town. I got a replacement map for my pizza job and the rocking pants. I almost tried on a pair of Keds that I found, but decided that the Converse are enough for now. I'll wait until they are dead before I buy a new pair of shoes. I have enough shoes I don't get to wear as it is. Then we grabbed some Chipotle burritos (excellent fast food!) and headed back to her house to watch ER, Scrubs and The Office. Excellent.

Got a call from speranzosa to go to the Wooden Ball at Club Congress. Had a good time, met a new LJ friend, but I don't know her username. She was cool. We danced a little and she almost got a piggyback ride, but instead we just took a photo of her, me and Char together. My face is mostly hidden, which is a good thing for Char's camera :)

Tomorrow is le picnic party for MLK (and maybe a little celebration for footnotefetish while we're there) and then, you guessed it, more work! Woo!

Now, it's time for slumber so that I can be well rested for the festivities. My big hope is that this other driver decides to work my shift for me. I could use the cash, but hey, I'm more willing to hang with my peeps than deliver pizza to people.
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