February 5th, 2006

Satchel Happy

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2nd driver called in sick. So, I offered to stay and help for like an hour or so. which turned into 2 hours.

of course, HAM was there, made it a little easier to cope with. :) :) :) :) :)


I'll be driving at his store for le superbowl.


*cough* ahem

excuse me

sorry, i've had a few, i'm easily excited.

Oh, and I shall soon have a new showerhead AND i got a new box cutter. I AM SO FUCKING AWESOME!!

:D :D :D :D :D

I just felt like making random smilies.

I'm such a dork.
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Charlie Brown

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ok, off to bring the western east side some pizzas

if you guys are ordering take out tonight, TIP WELL!


*lifts uniform shirt*
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Take on Family Guy

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I wasn't going to update, but I'm not done eating dinner yet, so I figured I would.

I know you were all waiting breathlessly for me to update. Admit it. you were.

Right, so, made it to the pizza place and all was well. HAM seemed pleased to see me show up, mainly because I was saving his ass from having angry customers because their pizza is late. The people there seemed pretty nice, he must have staffed his good people today. I met the brother of one of the old drivers from my store, and found out that he had gotten a new job elsewhere. That was nice to find out, he was a good kid. Made my deliveries, good times. Had a decent tip night. Not the riches I was expecting, but it was probably better than what I would have done at my regular store. See, the thing is...I have a feeling most of our customers aren't really into football. When I showed up at 5 this afternoon, HAM told me that my store wasn't even that busy today. I'll find out Wednesday how busy it really got.

I wasn't supposed to close, but I wound up staying 45 minutes later than I should have helping the closing manager out so he wouldn't have to do it all by himself. The cook had his own area to take care of so he wouldn't have been of much help to him. I didn't sweep or mop, just did about 98% of the dishes for him. I daresay that closing there is probably much easier.

What is troubling me most about today is that my back is killing me. I think it's just stiff from not lifting heavy things at the warehouse for two days. Maybe more sleep will help. Or...I'm gonna need to get a new bed soon. *sigh*

Tomorrow is helping benlinus get smart. I think footnotefetish is gonna help a little. We'll all be working at an undisclosed location with VP Dick Cheney. :)
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