February 14th, 2006

Dancing ;D Spiderman

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Had a lovely evening with captn_midnight and speranzosa gorging on fried foods and beer. Then we listened to speranzosa yell at the screen because Michigan was losing to Iowa. Yeah. I know.

The cookies were a success at work. Although, I heard that one person said they were gross. Whatevs, good food isn't for everyone. :) I had stuffed cabbage for the first time. It was tres yummy. I also had an insanely good lemon lime olive oil dressing. OMG so good! I used the bread to sop up the dressing, that is something I usually don't do. That's how freaking good this dressing was. mmmmmm

Right, so, tomorrow is my court date for my parking ticket, then a bit of an evening with lunarcamel then some home time. Next week I may just hole up in the apartment and just be. I need to see about getting my taxes in order and make sure I have all of my paperwork already. If not, I need to send out an email and find out where the one last piece is. I also need to make an appointment with someone at Chicanos Por La Causa to see what I can do about getting assistance to get a down payment or something for a house. I am so tired of white walls. I need a red room. I'll also need a room that will accent the bookcase and dresser that are both red :)

Work has been going ok since I yelled at the crazy mexican lady. she's been fairly quiet if I'm around. And peruvian dude doesn't talk to me anymore. It's so lovely and peaceful. :D :D

I really want to see curling, but it's only showing on the cable channels. Who wants to be my TiVo bitch?
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