February 15th, 2006

The Office Air Five

Traffic Court

I kind of wish Judge Harold T. Stone had been presiding. Alas, this wasn't Night Court, it was traffic court with the Honorable Judge Kagen presiding. Wow, talk about a court in a cubicle. :)

I explained the situation with the hurricane, my grandfather moving and my lack of initiative to actually call the Arizona DMV and find out how much the cost of tags was going to be and I got a slap on the hand. Literally, a slap on the hand. The girl in front of me was ticketed for parking on a residential street without a permit. Oops. As she tells him she can't afford the $50 fine she's holding a Prada purse (probably about $750 retail), wearing Nine West sunglasses (she *could* have bought them at Ross like I did, but I'm highly doubting it) probably retailing about $35 and designer sleeveless, I repeat SLEEVELESS sweater and slacks. I didn't get a good look at her shoes, but they were probably pretty $$$ as well. She had a choice of paying the fine or doing community service. She was a psych major. *shakes head sadly*

Anyways, so, traffic court was fun. Now, I'm sitting in a cafe, drinking lime tea and watching the world drive by as I update. This is a good day. :) :) :)
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