April 10th, 2006

Holla Bunny

Ok, this one is for the memories

I have my dinner and I am eating it now. I am going to try really hard not to get crumbs on the keyboard. :)

So, went into work today. Ho hum, boring boring boring, left work at 8:15 a.m. Headed for bank. Need cashier's check for closing on the condo. No problem. About to arrive at bank, but I don't know what time they open for sure. 8 or 9? Turns out it's 9 a.m. No biggie. As I'm pulling into the parking lot I get a call from the realtor.

"Hey, how's it going?", she asks.
"Fine. I'm on my way to get the check now, so I may be a little late."
"Oh, no problem. Can you get the check for $871?"
"Well, there's a small problem."
"Ok, sounds like it."
"It involves $635 and we're trying to figure it out. If it works out, we'll get the money refunded to you today."
"OK. I think I can swing that."

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Painting = tentative 4/15-4/16 (dependant on work schedule)
Moving = 4/23 (early morning, ok, like 9 or so) until we get the shit in and done!
Housewarming party = ??? Don't know yet, gotta get settled first.

Who's ready for some moving?
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