May 1st, 2006

Holla Bunny

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It's el firsto de mayo. Did you know that this is a national holiday in Mexico? I didn't either until I heard it on NPR. I'm such a latte sippin' liberal. :)

I may head over to the RG tonight to hang out with people while they watch baseball. I find it fairly boring, but hey, whatevs. Everyone has their own thing. I also need to go to the old place tomorrow and do some last minute cleaning. Get new oven thingies for the eyes, get the rest of my dishes (I almost left my airbake sheets!), vaccuum and go settle up with the office. I have to find my checkbook first. Hmmm...

Anyways, work was stupid today. Just the usual "HURRY UP AND GET THIS DONE!!!" and then five minutes later when you are going half crazed trying to pack shit "Oh, nevermind, we're gonna send it tomorrow."


BR was being antagonistic today, too. Butthead.

CML (Crazy Mexican Lady) isn't talking to me, this is a good thing. I was kind of hoping she would want to be all solid with the immigrant things today and stay home. Alas, I don't think she's politically aware. Although, Gilbert (a first generation Latino) said to her, "Hey, I thought it was Day Without a Beaner. What's she doing here?"

I can't help it, I started cracking up.

I should tell that one to my dad.


I started a list for myself and would have gotten some of it done today had I not left my phone at the house, which I didn't realize until I was on the Aviation Highway. Dangit.

Yes, this is very boring, I apologize.

Ok, I think a beer and some curly fries await me.

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