June 14th, 2006

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payday sucks

It is when you realize you didn't work enough hours.

I just put my student loan back into forbearance. Dammit. It'll be there until December. I think I can get my act together by then. I can still pay some money on it while it is forbearance, so I think I will just make half payments until December. In the meantime, I can sock some money away, pay down the credit card bill and look for a job that pays way more money. If I hadn't been 3 hours late on Monday I would consider going to ask for a raise. Even though I just got one like 2 months ago. While looking for a new job though, I really hope that a second shift is going to start up soon for our department. In the meantime, I'll just start staying late during the week. It is going to suck for my social life, but hey, a girl's gotta pay a mortgage.

Stupid condo.

I could probably also use this time of no loan payment to pay down my medical bill. I haven't heard yes or no from ACCHS regarding the appeal. I don't even know if they got the damn paperwork. I haven't gotten anymore bill collector calls yet, though. So something must be going right.

BR pissed me right off this afternoon. He decided it would be funny right before the buzzer buzzed to release us from work to disconnect the mouse from the computer that we use to clock out. Now, on any other day this would not bother me. Today it did. Because I had to have my check in BEFORE 4 p.m. otherwise my car payment would bounce. I do NOT need to bounce a car payment and have my grandfather fly out here to severely beat and possibly kill me. You see why I was upset? He's fucking with my shit when he does that. UUURURHGHGHGHHGHGHGH

Tonight is a movie and tomorrow is another day. I also need new headphones. Mine finally took a dump. Maybe I can find some at the dollar store. I think I'll stop there on the way to the movies. I know it's funny talking about spending money when you really don't have any, but I think I can manage a dollar to save my sanity.
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Eddie Izzard British Acting

Nacho Libre


If it's on cable. Or network television. Go find a book to read.

Go for a walk.

Adopt a dog or cat.

Paint your toenails.

Or watch it while you vacuum.

It wasn't Ishtar...but it wasn't Wayne's World either.


Hey, you get what you pay for!
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