June 17th, 2006

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Alright, after my nap I am going to try and fix the sink. Just need to find the shut off valve for the water.

Then...weatherstrip the back door. Then...put the new brake light bulbs in the car. Check the fluids and tomorrow, if i get a chance, go cut the lock on the storage room. I BOUGHT BOLT CUTTERS BITCHES!

I may take them back after I'm done, though. I'll debate that in my mind for a day or two.

mmmmmm nap.
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<3 bash.org

lunchbox> so get this
lunchbox> i delivered pizza to the Microshaft building today but I couldn't park close to the door because they have all these fancy picnic tables out back for their employees
lunchbox> so they're standing there watching me carry all these pizzas to them and I finally get to the door and they stiff me. nothing.
fallingdogs> are you surprised?
lunchbox> next time they order I'm going to send them a bunch of empty boxes
lunchbox> and write stop messages inside
lunchbox> "0x0000000A" ...
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