August 21st, 2006

Dance for Pedro

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Work was work. Oooo. I put up some invitations for the party, and one really seems very interested. Fuck 'em. Don't want them there anyways. Do not care. More cake for me and Mariah and all you lovely people :)

Almost got my hands on a 20GB iPod(tm) today, but the asshole never called. $60!!! Oh well. I'll keep looking, there's gonna be some college student hard up for cash soon, I can just feel it.

Was gonna do some laundry this afternoon, but it's raining. Not that it's a big deal for the way to the laundry room, but it is for the way back. Also, the cart gets all muddy when it rains, so I'll wait until tomorrow night or some such. As long as it's done before Thursday.

FINALLY got a hold of my dad this afternoon. My mom made it through surgery ok, he thinks. She's in ICU, will be for a day or two. Then they'll move her to a regular room for the rest of the week or so. She's gonna go nuts in the hospital. I feel kind of bad that I can't be there to keep her company, but it really wouldn't do much good. I may be able to talk to her tomorrow though. I gotta get the number from my dad.

We pick out the cake tomorrow! Yay! And a little bit more running around. Should be fun.

I thought I had a bit more to say, but now I'm just tired.
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