August 26th, 2006


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Someone that I am very proud of: David Bird. Bit of a shaky relationship with us, but I do respect him as a person when he told me something very awesome at his wedding to one of my best friends from college.

Congrats to him on his tenure track position at St. Marys College.

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Draft Beer

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Tomorrow is the party! Yay!

Alica and Mariah - Birthday Presidents, Generals of Operation Supima
Bryan - Minister of Meat Grilling, Minister of Burgers and Dogs
Matt - Minister of Bird Shit
Lisa - Minister of Shrimp, Croquet, Pita Chips!
Frida - Minister of Veggie Grilling
Char - Minister of Fixin's
Jenny B - Minister of Ant Annihilation
Munira - Minister of Chicken
Minister of Drinks - Laura, April
Minister of Vegetables for Snacking- April (veggie platter)
Minister of Vegetables for Grilling - Laura
Minister of Beer - Hal
Minister of Plasticware/ice - Some other people whose names I have forgotten

These positions, of course, are not the end all be all of stuff for the party, so please feel free to bring more things along. Party in the park! Woo!

Sunday, 2-7, Reid Park, Ramada #14 (off country club, just north of 22nd street)

In case you missed it, there is beer allowed now, just not in bottles. Only in cans. Oh, and there is rumor of a keg. Mmmm beeeeer. :)
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Satchel Table

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So much for getting all kinds of shit done today. If I could, I'd call into pizza tonight. Stupid Saturday work.

I pretty much laid in bed all day today. Very nice. I think I may go back for one more bit of a nap before i go to work.

Maybe I can do some cleanup before party tomorrow.
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