September 2nd, 2006

Eddie Izzard British Acting

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Well, our movie was gonged. *sigh*

It almost made it to the end though. So that was cool. I think if a lot of the people there hadn't have been assholes, it would have at least made it through to the end.

I was upset that they gonged the first submission, it looked like a really good movie. Ah well.

Tomorrow = cleaning and pizza

Sunday = brunch, travel and just being.
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Eddie Izzard WTF

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Oh! I forgot to mention. Ok, so my mom went in for back surgery on 8/21. Get her settled into her room, she starts walking on 8/23, things are going good. Except she keeps running this fever. It'll be kinda high and then it'll go away. Thursday they discovered that she had a staph infection. They went back into surgery and yesterday she was sleeping. My dad forgot to call me.

*shakes head*

I'll be calling her tonight to see how she's doing while I'm making the pizza go, but, do you forget to call your daughter? :)
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