September 3rd, 2006

Bob Ross

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two fun things I saw tonight:

1) a car decal that was a picture of jesus amongst flowers and it said Fam. Rodrigues. I thought it said Go Raiders. That was much funnier.

2) a 2005 Chevy Impala with hydraulics. *snicker*
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I do this all the time. The creating of the story behind the person in the picture. I think that's why I like to buy photographs from thrift stores. :)
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Cactus Weiner

Benson, no, not the butler and Willcox


So, left town about 1 p.m. today with lunarcamel in tow and we headed east for Benson, AZ. Arrived shortly before 2, checked in to the hotel and decided to head for Willcox instead of Bisbee. Neither one of us thought to bring sleeves because it was so warm and nice in Tucson. It began raining about 20 miles east of Tucson. Which means it was fairly cool and we're both in tank tops. *sigh*

We saw the sign for the Thing and decided to stop and see what was up. And we paid the $1 entry fee. Yeah, it's interesting. Well, not the Thing itself, but the rest of the surroundings. Right. Had some DQ and walked around the Soothing Gardens, which was really just statues and plants for sale. We got back in the car still heading east some more and see a sign for Cochise Stronghold. I asked what that was and she didn't know so, off we went.

Passed the Apache Electric Power Cooperative and took some pictures and then saw a sign for a yard sale further down the road. We figured, what the heck, let's go.

We bought a hoodie jacket and a long sleeved shirt from a transvestite for $1.50. We also got the hell out of there, it was a little scary. I kept getting flashes from Silence of the Lambs while we were in her house. There was also a man with a flyswatter and a large beer belly. You figure it out.

We got back on the road headed again for the Cochise Stronghold and looked it up in the guidebook. Pretty interesting stuff. Apparently, it's where Cochise hid out while fighting the settlers. Rock. And guess what! It's a camping site now!! We didn't make it to the camping site because, well, the road was slightly flooded, and I didn't think Cassie could make it through the puddle and dip we were facing. We turned around, snapped more photos and got back on 191. More power plant photos and then back on I-10. We got to Willcox too late to have warm cider, so we decided to head back to Benson to get some dinner and play in the hotel room.

On the way, I saw a sign for the Guest Ranch. They had a restaurant. Triangle T Guest Ranch is where we had a lovely cheeseburger, live music and dancing and popcorn. Mariah climbed on a rock and then we headed back for the hotel. So, now we're here with wireless internet, cable tv, a/c and a laundry room (which we need for the hoodie and long sleeved shirt) and tomorrow is continental breakfast and then BISBEE!! YAY!!

Pictures to come later, I'm too lazy to upload them right now. :)

Ok, here's a video: The Thing!
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