September 9th, 2006




Yes, it's true. I'm drunk. YAYAYAYAYAY!!!

Apparently, M, the driver, is mad at me again. I'm getting pissed off looks (that he usually reserves for CML) and various tiny temper tantrums. I don't know what the fuck his problem is now, but what the fuck ever. You know why I say, "What the fuck ever."? Because he needs to grow a set and confront me with his issues. I almost asked BR today if M was upset with me for some reason. But you know what? Fuck that. I'm done apologizing for making them feel bad about the shit that they pulled. It's not my fault that they decided to show me a drawing of things that I said I found distasteful. It's not my fault that they can't conduct themselves like fucking grown men and it's not my fault that they can't keep themselves occupied when there are 5 jobs sitting there waiting to be done.

Not. My. Issue.

So, instead, I focused on the job I was assigned to this morning, then I focused on the job I was moved to in part marking and then I focused again on the job I was assigned to when I was pulled from part marking to come back and help because...why? BECAUSE TWO OF THE PEOPLE IN THE DEPARTMENT ARE TOO BUSY FUCKING OFF TO ACTUALLY DO ANY GOD DAMN WORK.

Monday should be interesting. Why? Because both CML and my asshole boss are gone. N should be back, but she's gonna be taking it easy, as well she should what with having a lung infection and all. So that means, BR will be working the desk, I will be taking over where BR was put (even though I was supposed to be there) and that leaves NG and R to handle the big jobs and N to handle all the other things.

I'm going to go in early on Monday (my dad is calling me to make sure I'm awake) so that I can get a head start on this shit. Why? Because it needs to be done. I'll probably wind up making someone else look good, but I need the OT and I also need to get ahead of the day, because it's going to be busy.

Stupid fucking assholes. Seriously. You know it's really bad when a guy who is there maybe twice a week for five minutes asks why it takes 2 people to do what I normally do by myself. Interesting question, no? It's also really interesting when the QC guy notices that CML, R and I are doing all this work and NG and BR are off fucking around with the asshole boss.

Oh, and asshole boss...the housewarming gift you gave me sucks. Seriously. Just because I have a cat doesn't mean that I need/want cat things. And I hate gardening. What the fuck do I want with a god damn plant hanger? Stupid gift. It'll probably stay in the box until I move and have a yard sale. And even then, who the fuck wants to buy a Fingerhut piece of garbage anyways?

Yeah I said it.
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Trent Spins

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i have to wonder...would watching the ABC docudrama or fakeumentary be bad?

i mean, would it be like, "I had to see it to see what I was railing against." or "I had to see it because it was a train wreck." or "I can't watch it because I don't want to give ratings (even though I'm not a Nielsen household) to such trash." or "I have to watch it so I can take notes and then go through and refute everything it says."

Maybe I'll just save myself the headache of trying to find a place to watch it.

I'll probably forget about it tomorrow.


Oh, and I'm still drunk.
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Chicken Little - Woo!!!

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Ok, sorry people, but I <3 I am able to keep up with what is going on with the FSU-Troy game right now and it refreshes fairly often with quick little updates.

Since I can't see the game, I can at least get some idea as to what is going on. :) :) :)

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