October 6th, 2006

Sidney Nose

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Had a good day with the parents on Wednesday. Thursday (yesterday) went up to see the twins. THEY ARE SO FREAKING BIG NOW!!! They remembered me!! *sniff*

We drove up and they popped their heads into the window and started yelling, "Leesha! Leesha! Auntie!" Auntie is in reference to my mom, but they did occasionally call me Aunt Leesha. Hehehehehe.

So, pictures are here of them being big ol' hams. A couple of those shots they took, so if they are crazy off kilter, well, that's why. :)

Headed back into town after hanging out for a few hours of hugs and tickling and playtime, and I went off to hang with rushomancy and his mom. My cousin Amada showed up during dinner and we all chilled and chatted and had fun. Amada came back to the house with me and she hung out with my mom for a little while. I soaked up television. I was flipping between the game and ER. WTF is up with ER? *sigh* Then some Daily Show and the Colbert Report. Amada I left after Colbert to go for a drive in the convertible. We headed for the island and drove around. I smelled the ocean again. I do miss it. Not enough to move back, though. :)

Today, I'm hanging with mom at Panera while I do my internet jazz and she's reading a book. In those pictures is a bird that just came and hung out near our table for a bit while we ate breakfast. We watched him get his own breakfast. You can see that here. It's not that graphic, but it's nature in the shopping center. My dad should be home kind of early so I'll show him how to use his new cell phone and we'll hang out for a bit and then I get to see my godmother tonight for dinner and then hang out with J for a bit. I used to work with him at the radio station oh so many years ago.

I head back tomorrow. I'm happy to be going back to AZ, but I'll miss everyone here again. I got to see how much they have developed the downtown area, and it pains me to realize, I can never afford to live here. Ever. It's also nice that I have that realization now, so I don't make any plans to try and live here again. That and I think I'd be miserable again. :)

Ok, signing off, I will see you playas tomorrow night at the RG for drinks and hugs and fun.

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